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Managing your research project


Emotional support

You are bound to come across difficulties when you embark on research of any nature. It is not a smooth-running process and should not be expected to be so. There may be times when you become fed up and disillusioned with what you have taken on or when the whole process becomes too much for you. This is not unusual and most researchers experience these down points, or "troughs".

It is at times like these that you may find it helpful to talk to your fellow students about the difficulties you are experiencing. They are likely to be in the same situation themselves. Meeting with others on a regular basis can help overcome problems - there may be a very simple way forward which you had not considered.

Be cautious about having detailed discussions about the content of your research with other students - you may leave yourself open to accusations of collusion or plagiarism.

If you are experiencing real obstacles, speak to your supervisor. They are experienced in the research process and they want to ensure you make good progress.

If you start to feel that you cannot cope, or that everything is going wrong for you, consider talking to someone you trust, perhaps your personal tutor, or your university counselling service.

Leeds Beckett University Student Wellbeing Team
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