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Managing your research project


Research schedule

Once you have decided upon a feasible research question, the next step is to plan a schedule for the research based on the time available. You should aim to get the work completed well in advance of the deadline for your project hand-in. Before you begin your research, devise a timetable for each stage of the project. In this way you can check your progress regularly and you can move from one stage to the next rather than spending too much time on one particular area.

If you have a year to complete the project, you can compile a monthly schedule with deadlines at the end of each month. You should discuss your research schedule with your supervisor.

  • Your timetable should be designed as a guide only. It is unlikely that you will keep strictly to the deadlines you make initially - some areas always take longer than you think to complete.
  • If you are seriously behind schedule arrange to see your supervisor who may be able to offer advice.