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Improve your maths and statistics


Use examples

Find some worked examples from a textbook or maths website and go through them. Try to work out the steps which have been used to solve the problems. If you struggle to understand the process, start with some simple problems and work up to more complex ones.

Practise, practise

If you practise - it will get easier. If you really want to improve, repetition is important.

Attempt some problems by yourself and check the solutions, or ask someone to look at your working-out.

Then do some more.

Share the load

Work with someone else - it can help to talk things through and show someone how you tried to tackle a problem.

Ask for help if you are stuck.

Discover what you are doing wrong

Analyse your errors - look at where you went wrong and what caused it. Decide if you are likely to make the same mistake again.

Are you:

  • missing out steps
  • doing the steps in the wrong order
  • rushing
  • making errors in calculations