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Learning and Study


Organising your study spaces


Digital note-making


  • Annotate PDFs of journal articles, without having piles of paper everywhere
  • Tag your notes with searchable keywords
  • Back up your notes in the Cloud (using Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive etc)
  • Share your notes with other people easily


  • Unless you tag and store your notes properly, you will never find them
  • You will need to manage your journal PDFs using suitable software (an example is 'Zotero') or a very good filing system

Sharing ideas

Sometimes you might want to share work in progress or the ideas behind a piece of work. There are various services which may be useful for organising and sharing  work online. Some of these are given below:

Other information: This is an online pinboard service for collecting, organising and sharing visual content via themed boards.

Other information: This service encourages collaborative mind mapping via virtual multimedia sticky notes that you can connect together. You can organise your thoughts for an essay or share ideas for a piece of group work by combining your own notes with images and videos from the web.

Other information: Twitter is a microblogging service. You can use it to "crowdsource" responses to your work and publicise what you have done.