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Improve your academic IT skills


What are academic IT skills?

Academic IT skills form a vital part of the package of skills connected with technology, information and communication which together are called 'digital literacy'.

Developing good IT skills will help you succeed in your academic study - and improve your future employability.

You need to be able to:

  • Use a computer - including navigating to programs like Word or PowerPoint, and saving and organising files.
  • Use the internet effectively using Internet Explorer or other browsers
  • Access your university Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to find course materials and submit assignments.
  • Check your email account so that you can communicate with your tutors.
  • Create presentations and produce documents such as essays or reports.
  • Use an e-portfolio system such as PebblePad to log evidence of your learning.
  • Understand the impact on your future employability of using social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter.

You might also need to:

  • Use Excel to perform data analysis or calculations.
  • Create newsletters using desktop publishing software.
  • Create an academic poster for a course assignment.
  • Use specialist software - usually taught as part of your course.

Decide which IT skills you need to learn or improve. Give yourself enough time to learn and practise these skills so that you can complete your academic assignments with confidence - and on time.