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Global Student

Developing your speaking skills

Learning Outcomes

If you work through this section you should be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between the sound and the written form of words.
  • Identify which languages have a phonetic system of writing
  • Understand how speech organs are used to produce different sounds
  • Understand the sound production in your target language
  • Understand that stress and intonation can affect meaning in languages
  • Prepare effectively for different speaking situations
  • Identify ways of improving your speaking skills

Reflection sheet

This downloadable reflection sheet can be used to help you reflect on your learning. It can also be used as evidence of learning and included in your portfolio or PDP (Global Student Plan).

Reflection sheet document

If you would like to use the reflection sheet, complete the first page now. When you have finished working through this section complete the second page.

Further resources about how to reflect on your learning are available in the Reflection theme.