Please access the new Skills for Learning website at Please note this site is no longer being updated and will be removed by 2021.

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For Academic Staff

The Skills for Learning website

The website is a bank of resources to help develop students' academic skills. These can be used:

  • Independently by students
  • Within taught sessions
  • From links in MyBeckett

All of the areas we cover, including skills such as: Academic Communication, Professional Skills and IT are shown on the homepage. We also have a page which shows topics of particular interest to our international students.

For specific topics, such as 'Plagiarism' we offer a set of web pages with essential information and learning materials. Each topic contains:

  • Learning outcomes
  • A list of further resources
  • A reflection sheet which students can use in portfolios

We also include interactive materials, such as quizzes. Our audio and video presentations on academic skills topics have proved popular with students and staff - in some of them we have recorded our students sharing their experiences.
These audio and video presentations are available in our Media Library.